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At North Star Recovery, we do one thing, repossessions, and we do it well!

We recover your assets or reach a positive resolution for your company 365 days a
year. As a small, independent company,
with over 10 years experience, we bring a
different approach to the repossession process.   

Re-establishing communications:

Auction/recovery companies sometimes offer lower repossession costs because
they will more than make up the
difference when they sell your assets.  They feel it
is in their best interest to repossess your collateral, not to save you a client.  When
requested, we try hard to re-establish contact with your customer. That way,
payments can be made current to help you keep your customer and prevent the
loss you see at auction.    


We specialize in the hardcore skip, locating your collateral when auction/recovery
companies can’t
. They don't feel it's in their financial interest to spend a lot of time
 North Star Recovery goes after assets as if they were our own. We
take the time to make the phone calls; to knock on the debtors
' doors; and to ask
the questions that are essential to finding out the information needed for a
satisfactory result
.  We do this while maintaining a respectful attitude toward the

We are committed to our customers and our high level of service reflects our desire
to continue serving them for years to come.


We provide repossession services on Automobiles, Recreational Vehicles,
Motorcycles and Watercraft.

Contact us and speak with one of our team members about the best way to recover
your assets today!          
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