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We specialize in the hardcore skip search



North Star Recovery LLC of Southwest Michigan does one thing and one thing really well:  We recover your collateral in a professional, efficient, respectful manner.  We specialize in the hardcore skip search that other repossession companies can not crack. 

North Star Recovery repossesses cars, trucks, semis, boats, campers, RV's, motorcycles, trailers, quads, snowmobiles and more.

Our Recovery Specialists work hard to find the information necessary to retrieve your collateral.  We even had a semi truck owner in Arizona ask how we managed to find him.  We get that a lot.

We work closely with several local auctions to get your collateral to sale on time.  

Our company has enjoyed long lasting working relationships with several Michigan area banks, credit unions, and buy-here-pay-here businesses.  We are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

   PO BOX 204
   DORR, MI  49323
   OFFICE:  616-896-1729
   FAX:  616-896-1736


North Star Recovery 616-896-1729 PO Box 204, Dorr, MI 49323