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When You Need to Repo a Vehicle – Look to North Star Recovery!

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If you need to repossess a vehicle in West and Central Michigan, look to North Star Recovery for top-notch, comprehensive repossession services.

Our skilled skip tracers will use cutting-edge technology and decades of investigative experience to track down its location, and convey that information securely to our professional repo agents.

From cars, trucks and motorcycles to trailers, snowmobiles and even semi trucks, our fully licensed and insured recovery team is standing by to recover your assets quickly and safely.

We’ll store vehicles at our secure facility until you are ready to proceed with auction or take the next step.

Vehicle Repo Service in West Michigan, Car Repo Company -

Whether it’s Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Jackson or anywhere in the lower Michigan area, North Star Recovery has you covered!

Repossession Services for All Types of Vehicles


North Star Recovery of Michigan

In the vehicle repossession industry, the top service providers make it their mission to be direct, efficient and safe, with a quick response that focuses on avoiding confrontation.

We set the standard.


From day one, North Star Recovery has been committed to transparent and straightforward recovery services. We work closely with financial institutions to recover vehicles swiftly and directly, with a streamlined process that ensures all parties are informed throughout the process to minimize uncertainty and maintain trust.


Everyone’s time and resources are valuable, and we leverage cutting-edge technology to ensure the repossession process is quick. Our expert skip tracers pinpoint the location of assets efficiently, our professional repo agents recover vehicles swiftly, and then we store them securely to minimize disruptions and financial losses.


Every aspect of our operation underscores the importance of safety. Our experienced recovery professionals have been fully trained to execute repossession and recovery tasks with utmost care in every way. Our non-confrontational approach prioritizes the safety of everyone involved, every time.


Maintaining the dignity of all parties involved is our priority. Our non-confrontational approach to vehicle recovery emphasizes open communication, professionalism, and empathy, working towards peaceful resolutions and ensuring a smooth process with less stress.


Our professional repossession response team is on standby 7 days a week across the West Michigan area. When the need arises, we mobilize quickly to recover your vehicle before further complications emerge. This dedication to speed and agility sets us apart in benefiting both financial institutions and vehicle owners.

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Vehicle Recovery Services


In addition to voluntary and involuntary repossessions, we also offer: field calls, skip tracing, auction transport, status reports, condition reports with photos, secure vehicle and personal property storage, license plate recognition, and more.

North Star Recovery LLC, Expert Skip Tracing Services for Vehicle Repossession in West Michigan -



Every recreational vehicle repo starts with skip tracing, and North Star Recovery does it best – even if its an off-road vehicle in middle of the woods!

Our team utilizes the latest technology with top-tier investigative expertise to track down your assets and recover them with efficiency and dignity.

The Recovery Database Network is at the core of our services, providing real-time data and easy collaboration for make informed decisions securely.



Our secure storage facilities are designed for any type of repossessed vehicle or watercraft, offering an unparalleled level of security to ensure their safekeeping while maintaining the highest standards of integrity.

Your recovered collateral is safe at our 3 large outdoor lots, or small indoor facility, secured with chained fencing, razor wire and monitored, 24/7 security cameras with an enhanced entrance to allow access to only the most trusted employees.

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Locally-Owned, Private Car Repo Company Covering Lower Michigan

Since 2003, North Star Recovery has been working with financial institutions all over the country to efficiently repossess cars, trucks and any type of vehicle in the West Michigan area.

We’ll repo vehicles in Grand Rapids, Holland, Muskegon, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Benton Harbor, Sturgis, Jackson and everywhere in between.

Our mission is to deliver trusted service to our partners, with top-notch service that ensures direct, quick, efficient, respectful, and safe recoveries – the gold standard of asset recovery.

We are active members of the American Recovery Association (ARA) and Michigan Association of Repossession Agencies (MARA).

North Star Recovery LLC, Vehicle Repossession Service Company in West Michigan, Covering Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Holland, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Battle Creek, Benton Harbor, Sturgis, Jackson Michigan and More -


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